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High School Science

This site is designed to provide resources for high school science labs. It contains virtual labs, simulations, java applets and worksheets in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, IPC and Environmental Systems. Many can be done on a computer with just a few worksheets and an internet connection. It also contains links to resources found by the Webmaster across the web.

Coming in the near future will be a companion website, Small-Scale Chemistry, located at, which will support a variety of labs that can be done on a classroom desktop without the need for a formal laboratory setting. Great for school campuses on a budget.

Moodle Test Site

A moodle test site is available to registered users only. Its purpose in to provide a moodle administrative and content-development learning environment.

The only content currently available is a selection of benchmark quizzes developed from TEA released TAKS tests.

It is available at


There is a blog for registered users on this site at

Online Labs

There will be a group of online labs available on this site. For proprietry labs, links will be provided to the authors site instead.

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