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Chemistry 2nd Quarter (Lab #6)

Exploring Equilibrium

In this virtual lab you will explore equilibrium in chemical reations.

There are two parts to this exploration - one virtual (Part A), and the other is hands-on (Part B). The hands-on part will require materials from your teacher and will require you to collect and analyze data.

Your Job

Print the Exploring Equilibrium worksheet. The run the Equilibrium Simulation either from here or from the website listed on the worksheet.

Ask your teacher for the materials for Part B of this exploration.


The Exploring Equilibrium simulation applet is attributed to Physics Education Technology (PhET) at the University of Colorado at Boulder,, and can be downloaded there,

The worksheet's author's credit information from PhET is shown below:

Submission Information

Authors Amy Jordan
Contact Email
School / Organization Santa Fe Preparatory School
Submitted 4/11/08
Updated 11/14/08